Tuesday, March 1, 2016

27 weeks - third trimester!

How far along: 27 weeks 
Here's a glimpse of my awesome maternity photo shoot -- and a glimpse of my not so glamorous mom life in our kitchen!
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Ready for a flashback? 26 weeks pregnant with Felix!!

Baby is the size of a: Acorn Squash!

Baby is almost 2 pounds and is 15 inches long!
Any names? yes! We call her JoJo for now and will likely share her full name after our shower since I have too many name-themed things not to incorporate. 

 Any Ultrasounds? 
None :( -- It would be fun to do a 3D scan before she's born but we likely won't get the opportunity to do that. 
Have you heard the heart beat?  Yes! Heart beat usually sits in the 150's. 
Who do you think she will look like?  I'm guessing she'll have the same awesome hair that Felix has. I also think she'll have the same big brown eyes as Felix (maybe blue/green if we're lucky), and maybe the Skaates chin got passed down to her so she looks just like her mama!
Maternity clothes: Yes. I'm going to miss these things. 

Stretch marks: yep, though they are old. I feel like I haven't grown as rapidly with this pregnancy which is probably a good thing!
Sleep, oh how I miss thee. 
I spend far too much time at night awake and being bitter about not sleeping.
I have quite the nightly routine to try and make sleeping easier: magnesium spray, lavender in the diffuser, cedarwood on the feet, the fan going on my sound sleeper app. 
Best moment of this week:
My mom was in town this past weekend which is always great to have a break. 

We also find out this week if our appraisal goes through/is enough for everything to work. So if it does -- we will be thrilled! 

Miss anything: Sleep. Cocktails. SLEEP. cocktails. SLEEP. 
Movement: Her movements have become less annoying! Before they were only on my cervix and bladder which got old really fast -- now I'm feeling more kicks on the outside which is thrilling. 
Food cravings: Cake. Speaking of, I hope Seth will bring me home a blizzard later :)

Anything making you queasy or sick: still hating a lot of food smells. 

Have you started to show yet: Yes, and I'm at the point where I'm obviously waddle-level pregnant so people smile, make comments, and "help" me with things pretty often. I try and be thankful for it and not feel awkward sinc I know it won't last forever!

Gender: Girl! Still enjoying shopping for her and planning her nursery. I just ordered the fabrics for her bedding so my mother in law can get started on all of it! I'm so excited for that! 

Labor signs? Nada. Thank you, Lord!
Belly button in or out: In -- anticipating it will stay this way. 
Wedding rings on or off: On! 

Formula or Breastfeeding?  Formula -- click here to read about my journey with IGT:
Have you bought anything for the baby yet?  Lots of things. Though I've been trying to hold back for a few more weeks since we don't have a place to put any of it. She has lots of clothes, decorative stuff, and some bows! 
Natural or Medicated birth?  Hoping for another natural unmedicated birth -- but will NOT beat myself up for getting an epidural. Back labor and sunny side up deliveries should not need to be felt more than once. *shudder*
Happy or moody most of the time: happy with a side of HCB (hormonal crazy bitch). I can go from 0-10 pretty watch out. 

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