Tuesday, February 2, 2016

23 weeks!

How far along: 23 weeks

Baby is the size of a:Baby is the size of a or grapefruit? Though last week it was the size of a spaghetti squash and every spaghetti squash I've ever seen is bigger than a mango. 

Baby is now weighing over a pound and is 12 inches long!
Any names? yes! She is named. I originally thought we wouldn't share until the birth, but plenty of people know and we will probably share at the baby shower like we did with Felix. I want them both to have the same signed onesie, because it was such a sweet memento! Felix calls her JoJo and JuJu if that gives you any clue. 

 Any Ultrasounds? 
Not since week 20. And this baby is pretty stubborn and doesn't like to show us much. I mean...we have some pictures of her toes, but that isn't the most interesting thing to look at. 
Have you heard the heart beat?  Yes! Heart beat usually sits in the 150's. 
Who do you think it will look like?  Now that Felix is starting to resemble me, I have a feeling she will look more like me when she's born. But we'll see!  
Maternity clothes: Yes. Maternity sweatshirts are my favorite thing right now. 

Stretch marks: yep. Though I'm pretty sure these aren't new. 
Sleep: sleep? Oh yes, my old friend. I've been struggling the last couple of weeks. I often have terrible dreams, and coupled with the whole house being sick recently, there is a lot of snoring and tossing and turning lately. I'm also finding it hard to get comfortable, I normally sleep on my belly, which is becoming increasingly difficult and I get kicked if I'm squishing her too much. Then I wake up with my arm asleep because I've been stuck in the same position for so long.  
Best moment of this week: Our family has just had some really great times lately. We've been house hunting in January hoping to buy our first home before the baby arrives, and it's STRESSFUL. I mean...this market is crazy. We've been outbid twice and we're waiting to hear back about a third offer in the next couple of days. In between all of that it seems we've grown closer as a family. Felix has been quite snuggly with the both of us. Requesting snuggles every day at 4pm from me, and when Seth gets home he settles into Seth's lap to watch monster truck YouTube videos with him. I'm cherishing these days as a family of three because they are so special!! 

Miss anything: Wine. Beer. Again, toddlerhood is a beast that requires wine. I don't know how mama's survive without it. 
Movement: Ok, can I be honest? The kicks are getting annoying. Felix kicked in a totally different way, this baby ninja kicks my cervix and bladder all day and it is not fun!! I never had a feeling with Felix that I was getting annoyed or bothered, but with this baby it almost always makes me feel super weird and uncomfortable! I'm sure that will change as she gets bigger and I can feel her more on the outside. She also seems to be sideways so I get flutters near my ribs and sides which is different. 

Food cravings: Sugar. CAKE. DQ blizzards. Staying at 50g of carbs a day is pretty difficult. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: still hating a lot of food smells. 

Have you started to show yet: Oh yes. Thankfully no rude comments in the recent weeks. Maybe I've perfect my RBF, resting bitch face? 

Gender: GIRL! Getting more and more excited for that reality. And so is Felix. Every time he see's anything pink he shouts "JOJO!". I've also been enjoying buying new clothes and outfits for her, and I have a ton of hand me downs which is awesome. 

Labor signs:nope! Super thankful for that. 

Belly button in or out: In! It never went out with Felix so I'm hoping this pregnancy is the same. Even though outy pregnant belly buttons are kinda cute. 

Wedding rings on or off: On! 

Formula or Breastfeeding?  Formula. And again -- ask me about Mammary Hypoplasia or IGT. I invite people into the conversation about those who physically can't breastfeed because it helps educate and stop the shaming of women that choose formula for their babies. 

Have you bought anything for the baby yet?  Starting to expand our clothes collection. She also has a special LaLa blanket that Felix helped me make and pick out. 
We have some of the big things, and now I'm starting to build the nursery decor with fabrics. Baby girl has a custom mobile in the works, and a custom bedding set being made by my Mother-in-Law!
Natural or Medicated birth?  Hoping for natural. But, now that we know that having an anterior placenta is tied to having back labor and a sunny side up delivery, I will happily take the epidural to avoid the pain and discomfort associated with back labor. We shall see!
Happy or moody most of the time: Feeling happy most of the time, but I can go into mega-crazy-hormonal-bitch mode at the drop of a hat.