Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Great Leash Debate

I recently told Felixs pediatrician that he has two speeds.
Sleep and Run.
He laughed.
I told him that I wish I was joking.

At this age some parents are challenged with tantrums, hitting, screaming, and pickiness.
My biggest concern with Felix is that whenever we are in public, he runs 100ft in the opposite direction of me.
He acts like he's fleeing from being imprisoned his whole life.
The look of delight on his face causes strangers to laugh and smile with him.
Until I start calling his name frantically.
Then the strangers join in saying "Felix go back to your Mommy".

We have talks about it in the car before we go inside.
I try to hold his hand but he gets so angry with me about needing to hold my hand.
He pretends his legs are broken and refuses to walk.
He weighs almost 30 pounds so he is heavy to carry, sometimes my only choice is to let him walk.

We are doing a lot of traveling in the next few months.
San Francisco this week, Palm Springs in a few weeks, Minneapolis, San Diego, and I'm sure back to San Francisco -- all before he turns two.
I'm really considering getting him a leash.

I really don't want to be *that* Mom with a kid on a leash.
In fact, when we went to Disneyland with friends we had a game of points with children on leashes.
Leashes with backpacks got 2 points, regular old leashes got 1 point.
The first person to see the leash and have a witness was the only one to get the points.
After a day at Disney we would add up our points to see the winner.
A silly part of our early dating years has now become a total reality for us.
I never thought I would even consider buying a leash!

My biggest need for it would be in airports. We only have a jogging stroller that is heavy, bulky, and not great to travel with. EVEN if they check it at the gate, I still would have to lug it around in the car when we travel. And he hates strollers! He lasts a little bit longer than he used to, but after about 30 minutes he's totally done.
Felix also hates being worn in the Ergo or any type of carrier.
Last time we flew, I had him in the carrier for about 10 minutes before he screamed himself out of it.
Most of the time I travel with him by myself because of Seths work schedule and us wanting an extra day with our families.
It might also be good for big festivals and events that we like to go to. He is as much of a runner there as he is any other day. You'd think he'd have some kind of stranger danger type feeling and want to be close to us, but no -- he's always running away as fast as he can go!

So tell me, friends, what would you do?
Do I forego the stigma of being *that* Mom with a leash on her kid?
It's not at all about treating him like an animal.
It's mostly about his safety, my sanity, and us being able to enjoy being out and about without him running away.

We leave on Thursday morning, I hope I make up my mind before then!

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